April 2021 News Update

Goodness April already!  Here’s hoping everyone behaved themselves and Boris has now allowed us to meet up with 6 people outside as promised.  Hi-De-Hi is still a possibility for October and read through and auditions (albeit via Zoom) are hopefully happening.  As I have to write this a month in advance I need to be a clairvoyant, so fingers crossed that is the case.  There will be a time when live entertainment is back on track and we shall be thankful we can gather and enjoy.


Still on hold, however, a little bird told me she is already preparing music and arrangements for some songs and is currently working on Oliver!  Not sure what songs exactly, but musicals are always a hit with the Choir.  Remember our Phantom of the Opera – the Sopranos loved hitting those high notes (I wonder if we can hit them now)?  Keep singing, keep smiling!

We are extremely grateful to our membership for supporting us through good and bad times – without shows our funding is declining, as with most groups at the moment, so a BIG THANK YOU to our members.  Unfortunately membership renewal is upon us, as it is April……..can we ask for your support again?  We do hope so, the show MUST go on?