HAG Rocks!

I hope you have all enjoyed a good summer even if we’ve not had the best weather for it and that most have managed to get away somewhere for a break with some semblance of normality.
It’s now coming up to 18 months since we were thrown into lockdown, when HAGRocks! was last carrying on normally. Since then we have managed 2 half-sized  choir rehearsals for Lesley Parish’s commemoration night, which sadly never happened, and one unrehearsed “performance” for “Holiday at Home” on 20th August. This went remarkably well considering we had hardly sung at all for so long and I think everyone did extremely well. Memory for the music we did was excellent, so well done to all who were there!
Yes, we are going to restart choir again next Monday 6th September! We will be in the Victoria Hall (not the Jubilee) starting at 7:30. This was booked months ago when we didn’t know what would be happening with Covid (still don’t) & felt we should have as much space as possible, better ventilation, etc for the rest of this year. This means there will be a few changes: Due to increased cost of hall hire,  attendance charge will increase to £4 for non-HAG members & £2 for HAG members (Sorry, but we have had to do this in order keep going) You will have to bring your own drinks as we won’t have kitchen access  
All being well, this is what we will be working towards this term, so please get the dates in your diariess & include a dress-rehearsal Wed  8th Dec.
This will be similar to previous formats with general songs to kick off with & seasonal songs for the last set.
We will be looking for any comedy & novelty acts, sketches, etc for entertainment between the choir sets. Any good ideas or suggestions would be most welcome so please let us know if you have any.
We are planning very little brand new music to learn apart from a Seekers medley from Doris, with songs that most will be familiar with, and I am going to start on Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” – which hopefully I will be!
Next week however, we’ll get back to numbers we started 18m ago, so please bring the following:
“Wouldn’t it be nice”
“Blame it on the boogie”
“Stay another day”
“Sound of music” medley

Covid-19 is still very much with is, albeit less virulent if you should get it when vaccinated, but it remains easily transmitted and we must remain cautious. I know some choir members will not feel safe to return yet & I don’t know how many of you will attend. However, we all have to make up our own minds about what we want to do. We will try & keep as well spaced as we can.

We’re looking forward to getting things going again.



Dear All,

After the postponement of Stage 4 out of lockdown, I thought I should confirm your suspicions that the choir will not be meeting on Monday 21st June(TODAY) as we had hoped.

Unfortunately we will not be able to meet until Monday 19th July on the week of Lesley P’s commemoration night. Provided there are no further changes, it has been decided that the night should go ahead as planned and we will therefore have just one night’s rehearsal. We will be adjusting the song list a bit to include only numbers that need minimal rehearsal or work and will notify you of the decision on those in due course.

Keep well in the meantime and we look forward to getting together, if we can, on 19th July.

Posted 21st June 2021

Guess what? Would you believe that the Government have very recently bought in new regulations, and you can only now sing in groups of 6 indoors, which of course means we have to cancel choir, yet again, and after all the planning and hoops we have jumped through.  We will endeavour to start again a.s.a.p, but if the rhetoric is to be believed we are looking at being able to meet again on June 21st.

Posted 23rd May 2021

Our intention is to work on a collection of past songs to sing at the HAG charity night to celebrate the life of Lesley Parish on Friday 23rd of July. I will put the likely song list (songs that Lesley particularly liked) at the end.

Because of the number restrictions before the 21st June we need to find out how many choir members would be willing & able to attend these rehearsals before working out how to divide you up into 2 groups. One lot (group A) would come on 17th May & 7th June, the other (group B) on 24th May & 14th June. No rehearsal on Bank Holiday Monday 31st May. We should then have 5 rehearsals for both groups after that.

You need to consider the following:
Are you able to & if so would you like to sing on Friday 23rd July?
Do you know most of the songs reasonably well?
Can you come to most rehearsals?

Later on, provided we definitely can proceed with singing rehearsals, which will be subject to appropriate distancing & regulations, then we will divide you into the 2 groups & let you know which nights to come.

Probable song list:
California Dreamin’, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables Medley, The Rose, Viva la Vida, Don’t Stop Me now, Mr Blue Sky,

The informal Holiday at Home lunch concert that we do every summer will be held on Friday 20th August if you want to put a date in your diary.

We will be restarting choir with new music to learn in September, when there shouldn’t be any restrictions, & all being well, we will all be fully vaccinated. This will be working towards the Christmas show in December.


HAG Rocks! is a social choir which meets every Monday night, 7:30 – 9:30, in the Jubilee Hall (behind the Victoria Hall). Enjoy singing in a friendly and relaxed environment. No auditions, no experience required.

£3 per session which includes a cup of tea or coffee. Your first session is free. Only £1 per session for HAG members.

For more information, contact our choir directors on hagrocks@hartleyartsgroup.me.uk.