March 2021 News Update

This year seems to be going quickly, here we are in March already – thank goodness do I hear you cry? Hopefully by now most of you will have had at least your first vaccination.  Sadly we have had to delay our Hi-De-Hi production yet again, now looking forward to October to be back to entertaining an audience again.  In the meantime please say ‘Hi’ to everyone you meet out walking, it may be their only personal contact that day, there are still people isolating or staying as safe as possible keeping socially distanced.  Spring is sprung – enjoy the wonderful flowers that nature provides to give us the lift we need at this time, after all, they are putting on a show for you too.  


Rest assured we will get back together just as soon as it is safe to do so.  Carry on singing, even on the days you don’t feel like it.  Singing is so uplifting, unless of course you like Leonard Cohen songs, there are some that make me cry or would increase any depression!

We are extremely grateful to our membership for supporting us through good and bad times – without shows our funding is declining, as with most groups at the moment, so a BIG THANK YOU to our members.