August News Up Date

August is here – goodness isn’t this year going quickly! I hope you are making the most of the sunny days and the gardens being thankful for the wet days.  Well rehearsals are well underway for our Hi-de-Hi production in October and a great deal of fun is being had rehearsing. Due to my intermittent absence this year, and therefore not been able to audition, I have been given the task of making Spike two fancy dress costumes.  The baby costume is easy – my challenge will be a light weight dustbin costume.  I don’t suppose you have one hidden in your cupboard? Ha!  Due to being a HAG Member my cupboard/loft is full of weird and wonderful things.  My husband is desperate to declutter – I have had to ban him from doing any decluttering without me!

As I am writing this a month in advance – Our Charity and Remembrance Evening for our dear friend Lesley Parish to be held on 23rd July may or may not have taken place. We were not allowed to gather for singing rehearsals and all was put on hold waiting for July 19th update.  Do you sense the collective holding of breath from the Choir?  I shall update you on this next month.