July News Up Date

July and hopefully summer has arrived.  For those of you staycationing keep an eye open for our Hi-de-Hi holiday camp opening in October. At least you won’t need to quarantine after your visit to the Victoria Hall (or at least we hope not)!  If you would like to join the crew for this show please contact us – you maybe a dab hand at painting scenery or clever with a sewing machine we can always use your skills.

Sadly our small group rehearsals had to be postponed as the rule of 6 was still in force for singing, so our Charity and Remembrance Evening for our dear friend Lesley Parish to be held on 23rd July may be in jeopardy (my crystal ball can’t see a month in advance).  A classic case of who knows?   Members of the Choir should have received all information.  Keep singing, keep smiling! We’ll meet again, don’t know where (hopefully at the Jubilee Hall) don’t know when (when Boris says we can), but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day! Bet you have an ‘ear-worm’ now Ha! Ha!