Auditions – Daisy pulls it off – 20th and 22nd February, Jubilee Hall, 8pm

Please come along to our auditions for the next play Daisy Pulls it Off. The auditions are at 8pm on 20th February at the Jubilee Hall,  Hartley Wintney. We are also holding auditions on the 22nd at 8pm. A super mixture of parts for all. Please express your interest with our director Lesley Nicholls. The show dates are end of May and beginning of June. Be great to see you.

Daisy Meredith, the new girl, is the first scholarship student to attend the Grangewood School for Girls. The privileged students are determined to make Daisy look bad in the eyes of the administration. The administration has its own problems, financial ones. Daisy wins over her chums and saves the school when she cracks a secret code, finds a treasure and saves the life of her chief nemesis all on the same night! A long running success in London’s West End, this inventive spoof of English school girl adventure novels delights its audiences.