Dracula Cast List

Congratulations to all the following Cast for Dracula.

Rehearsals start Thursday 15th June 8pm Jubilee Hall.

Count Dracula:               Lily O’Sullivan

Jonathan Harker:            Jamie Pouw

Lucy Westenra:              Amy Spiller-Davey

Arthur Holmwood:           Michael Wells

Mina Harker:                  Helen Robson

Dr John Seward:             Giles Webb

Professor Van Helsing:   Carolyn Miles

Renfield:                        Helen Lewis

Voice 1/Vampire:            Alex Godbey

Voice 2/Sailor/Agent       Angie Adkins

Voice 3/Mrs Bloxham:     Jackie Kennedy

Voice 4/Maid:                 Paola Burgess

Performances 7.45pm

13-14 October.

19-20-21st October.