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It’s 1939, and storm clouds are gathering over Europe. Having inherited Bagshot House, Colonel Charles Craddock has converted the property into a hotel for the discerning visitor. Soon Inspector Pratt arrives once again at Bagshot House, bearing grim news for the Colonel. But that’s just the beginning – Who is the strange Polish Count? Is Henrietta really an army captain? And where does the flamboyant thespian Cardew Longfellow fit into the picture? When Joan Maple’s sister Cynthia arrives to stage a murder mystery evening, it’s not long before Pratt’s visit turns into a chaotic nightmare as the bodies pile higher than ever!

Cast of Characters **Spoilers ahead**

Lady Isadora Pollock – Elegant women in her 40’s
Count Puchlik of Puszpzykowo – A polish Gentleman who acts as he thinks an upper-class gentleman should.  Has a very pronounced Eastern European accent and holds a dark secret
Colonel Charles Craddock – Retired army office in his 60’s always dresses in tweed and has a confident but blustering manner
Cardew Longfellow (played by the same actor as Colonel Craddock) – with a booming and haughty theatrical voice very luvvie.
Captain Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington – a young army captain obviously from a family of breeding but she is rather school girlish and is endearingly stupid or is it just a smoke screen?
Cynthia Maple – A middle aged woman and amateur sleuth & busy body with an overbearing, brusque and caustic manner
Martha Armstrong – House Keeper, maid and general dogsbody of Bagshot House with a working class accent as work ethic
Lilly Tuthill – The cook of Bagshot House who maybe hiding something with a Strong regional accent
Inspector Pratt – Inept, clumsy a walking disaster area of a policeman
Nurse Ann Parsley – Young, petit and pretty and tends to all the Colonel needs

Production dates:    FEB  11TH & 12TH  & 17TH, 18TH 19TH 2022