Lesley Parish – Funeral details

An update for you all on Lesley Parish’s funeral, please see below information which Lesley’s daughter Nella recently posted on Facebook:

Mum’s funeral is going to be held at Basingstoke crematorium on Friday 10th July. For obvious reasons numbers are limited but we intend to hold a huge party in celebration of her life when all this Covid19 and social distancing stuff is over. However, if you would like to pay your respects on the day, we have arranged with the funeral directors for mums coffin to be driven from the family home, up through St John’s Road, past the allotments and down the fleet road (past St John’s church and the green space on the common) before heading off to the crematorium, that way everyone who knew mum can stand by the roadside to say their goodbyes as she passes. We will leave the family home at 09:30.

Although mum loved flowers, we would like to ask that instead of sending flowers, donations are made to either the Woodland Trust or St Michael’s Hospice. It was one of mum’s missions to plant several trees this year and we feel a donation to the woodland trust would go some way to honouring her intentions. We also want to thank St Michael’s Hospice for all the love and care they gave mum in her final days. The funeral directors have created an online donation page for mum on their website. To use this facility please visit the Holmes Funeral Service website at: 
http://www.holmesfunerals.com and click the donate button. You will then be asked to enter Lesley Parish’s name in order to gain access to her unique donation page. Please feel free to donate as much or as little as you like (or maybe not at all) to either charity.

Thank you once again for all your kind and lovely comments, I’m sure mum, aka Mrs P, would have felt very special to know how much she meant to you all (I know we, her family) do.
Nella, Charlie, Josh, Kate and Mike (dad)
It was suggested at the AGM that perhaps HAG and Choir members may feel they would like to gather together on the common, as the hearse is to be driven down and through the village that morning. Choir ladies might like to wear their red tops, and if others have HAG logo polo shirts they might like to wear those, so we can join together to say our final goodbyes.

Finally, as mentioned above, the family have requested donations in lieu of flowers to the Woodland Trust or St Michael’s Hospice and have provided details on how to do this.