2020 Update from the Chair.

Well, times are still worrying and difficult and none of us know when life will be normal again. I do hope that everyone is keeping safe, well, sane(!) and perhaps managing to get out and about a little bit more now.
During this challenging time, your committee has not been totally idol, sharing our thoughts via email and phone, and now planning our future meetings via Zoom.  We have given much thought to the upcoming AGM which we will be holding on the 23rd June. However of course, it will not be the social evening that we would normally have. We will be emailing you, our paid-up Members and our Associate Members, with the necessary paperwork, reports etc, and voting forms for the committee. So please look out for them.  Please note however that Associate Members are unable to vote.
Although the group cannot run as we would like too, we still have some bills to pay and we have lost a large income from both the choir and cancelled shows this year, so your support is vital.
As regards to our current plans, we cannot rely on social distancing measures allowing us to fill the Victoria Hall with an audience for the October show. The best we can hope for, at this time, is to start rehearsals for our planned February slot in Sept/Oct 2020.
As to when HAG Rocks Choir! can return is sadly still in the air at the moment. Oh how we are all missing our weekly get together, chatting and reaping the physical and mental rewards that a good sing song gives!  We will be starting back as soon as possible that’s for sure.
However, we have had one good idea! How about a radio play that we can put together online? This will be a new departure for HAG, and it will have its advantages, no script to learn for a start! Please contact us if you are interested in taking part.
With best wishes and love to all.
Chair: Hartley Arts Group